About Esmée

Esmée Smit, born in 1995 in Assen (NL), knew from an early age that there is only one future: music. In 2004 she entered the stage of the preliminary rounds of the ‘’Kinderen voor kinderen songfestival’’ contest in Westerbork without any form of stage fright. However, she soon finds out that singing is not the only passion she has in music.

From 2007 she starts dancing at Dansstudio Jan Postema in Assen. Here she starts a year later within the competition team and eventually she starts in 2009 at the preliminary training of the dance academy Lucia Marthas in Groningen. In the following years she followed a musical theater education, obtained her diploma in 2015 and plays throughout different theatre pieces, musicals and gives multiple performances on the Dutch radio.

During her internship in 2014 she starts working as an entertainer, singer and dancer on a campsite in the south of France.
She continues to do so in the upcoming years until 2021.

In 2018 Esmée made her appearance on the Dutch television show/ competition ‘’Topper gezocht’’ on SBS6.

She wins the competition and became the fifth member of the ‘’Toppers’’ during their concerts ‘’Toppers in concert, the circus edition’’ in The Amsterdam Arena.
A lot of TV and  radio appearances and performances throughout the whole country follow.

A year later she participates in ‘’The voice of Holland’’. During her blind audition she made all the coaches turn.

Unfortunately she had to leave the program after the battles.

During the first lockdown in 2020 Esmée decides to follow her heart and move to the south of France.
Since her move she has been working on her online covers on Youtube and her own music.

Soon there is more to share on her incredible music journey in France!